You have traveled through the endless expanses and infinity of realms to at last arrive at this place. An area beyond all the realms you know and more powerful than reality itself. It is here the cosmic forces such as Life, Death, Order, and Chaos play their games and manipulate the worlds we know. It is here that one may witness the underlying forces of reality at work and here where one may find the Nexus

What is the Nexus?

The Nexus is a power beyond measure or description. The culmination of an infinte number of beings into one unstable whole whicyh has become an intrinsic facet of the universe. Here you will not learn of the Nexus for truly it is impossible but here one shall learn of the factions of the nexus and those that have become it's friends, allies, and loved ones.


This is the name usually possed by those who are members of the Nexus for it is this name which embodies the pirit of the nexus the most. Dreadnought, "fear-nothing" all those who are a portion of the Nexus are completely fearless of any creature, object, or force, and make it a point to prove it to themselves on a dayly bassis. Aside from that the Dreadnoughts are as different as snowflakes fallen from the same cloud. Some are vile hurtful creatures while others are saints that heal the sick with most falling somewhere in between. Come with me my friends and learn the deeds of those called Dread.


Hey wasup? Now that we've got all the religouse formaility insisted upon by my ego out of the way we can be seriose. If you're here you are probably my friend and I thank you for the visit. This site is currently under construction and shall be for ever as the tales will never end. No this isn't as egocentric a site as it first looks. This will be my archive of all the stories and images I have/will write/draw. More likely than not you will see yourself in a few aswell, especialy if I "borrowed" it from a site or game we played together. If I have upset anyone with this please don't hesitate to alert me and I will change or remove what ever you request. In the end, however, I hope that you enjoy my, and in some casses your, work and hope that you will visit regularly.


The Fearless Legion. (My main characters)

Confidants and Lovers

Those that assist the Dreadnoughts (Secondary characters and NPCs)


Those I would dare call friend.

Autobase Earth

In a galaxy of endless war can two warring factions lay aside their differences and do the impossible?

Gates of Inifinity

An Endless number of portals to travel through(To the many places a frequent and love to go... Aside from the ones on the Ring.)